SUMMARY: Solaris 2.5 patch upgrade

From: Parthiv Shah (
Date: Wed Aug 19 1998 - 16:00:05 CDT

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>>> "Parthiv Shah" <> 08/18 11:15 AM >>>
I installed recommended patch cluster and y2000 patch cluster for Solaris 2.5 on a Sparc 5 running Xwin. After the installation when I boot the server I get following message in my /var/adm/messages and on console, and I had to kill ttdbserverd to stop the message. Is there something wrong with the patch installed?

Aug 17 17:22:04 hostname rpc.ttdbserverd[334]: NetISAM: read failed

Answer from: Joel Lee <>

Check Infodoc 12729 on Sunsolve.

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