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Date: Wed Aug 19 1998 - 08:20:00 CDT

Thanks to all for the responses. This seems to be a big problem among alot of
administrators. I have not investigated thoroughly but I did receive some

My orig question:

> Is anyone using a single sign on method for Novell,NT, and Unix? I am looking
> for something where a logon would be the same for all three and the password
> will be encrypted over the network. Also the user should be able to have a
> password that would be sync'd on all three OS's when changed.


You might want to point your browser to They have
such a beastie, tho I am not sure if it also handles Novell.

Hope this helps!


Robert Owen Thomas

At the moment I am looking into the same thing (posted yesterday on this list :-)

I will send the summary "info on kerberos / ..." when i have finished gathering the material.

I dont't know about novell, I only worry about NT-Solaris at the moment.

i) MIT's Kerberos: Solaris supports it (through PAM-Mechanism) NT will support it in v5.0, but it is rumeoured that Microsofts Kerberos implementation will not be compatible with MIT's. ii) ssh: useful only between unix-machines and 'telnet' logins from NT. iii) NIS: there is a free NIS-Client for NT. But NIS has no security and I don't know how this integrates into NT.

another (hack) solution is:

* keep an account-database on unix (we do it in perl) * allow users to change pw over a webpage (use SSL enryption) (we dont do that, its just an idea I had) on an unix-server * you can set the unix-pw from this and also the nt-password: rsh <nt-server> net user username pw you need an rshd for nt (free versions available somewhere)


(will send my summary in the next 2 days)

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