SUMMARY: GNU utilities?! (resent)

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The Office like product in question was StarOffice which is not a free
product. This product is free for LINUX only and comes bundled with
Solaris 2.6 on the ULTRA5 systems (currently Windows95/NT/16, OS/2,
IRIX, Solaris/SPARC and Linux). Well, Here is the information about
GNU, Freeware, Shareware for UNIX: (MS Office like) (info)

MS Viewers:

NExS spreadsheet:

Andrew, MS Office like:

GIMP 1.0 -> (Photoshop like)

See also ImageMagick and Khoros: (with many other programs)

Sun has a free viewer for Word and Excel and other stuff at:

The best I've seen for FreeWare/ShareWare is: (_2.6.html for Solaris 2.6)

GNU has also a WWW site: Freeware, most stuff for Linux can be compiled
for Solaris too.

Check out applix at
I bought a copy for $70 and it imports MS apps.

Someone offered this... but no URL: The PhotoShop like software is named
GMIP. Maybe GIMP?!!! ;)
Someone offered this....but no URL: You may want to try Andrew which is
public domain.
SUMMARY: GNU utilities?! (resent)

Conner McCleod

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