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From: Peter L. Wargo (
Date: Wed Aug 12 1998 - 19:02:27 CDT

My original Q:
Anybody here know of a good FAQ for putting in a secondary/backup DNS server? I
had a consultant do it when we were swamped one day, and figgured out that it
wasn't done right. It'll bounce back the right answers for local systems, but
won't resolve stuff outside of our domain.

Of course, I'm still swamped, but I want to fix this.

The answer:
A missing was the primary problem. Special thanks to
Greg Polanski <>, who sent a useful example that helped me
tune it even further.

For those who suggested the ORA book, I have it. I mentioned being swamped, I
was looking for a quick & dirty...

Thanks to:
Kevin Korb <> (Ken McKinlay)
David Schiffrin <>
J a m e s Neal - HandiCAT <>
Andrew Ho <>

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