SUMMARY: Oracle causing machine reboot?

From: Jeff Kennedy (
Date: Mon Aug 10 1998 - 13:31:47 CDT

2 weeks in a row now that the machine hasn't rebooted after an export.
We've had no problems and supposedly haven't changed a thing. I say
supposedly because our dba doesn't remember if he modified the script
after all this started happening. So, basically, I have no solution
because the problem seems to have gone away as quickly as it appeared.

But if I had to guess I would say John hit it dead on about the
compression utility causing a panic with large archives.

Thanks to:

Kevin Sheehan
John Kono
Stephen Harris
Charlie Mengler

Jeff Kennedy wrote:
> Hello list:
> Last night our dba tried to do an Oracle export for b/u purposes. About
> 400MB into the export the machine rebooted. About 2 weeks ago we had
> the exact problem but at that time we also had a disk go out on a mirror
> under Veritas so we attributed it to the failed hardware. It hadn't
> rebooted since and we replaced the disk and restored the mirror.
> Everything seemed fine until the export was run again and wham! there it
> goes.
> Our dba is using the Oracle export script and then piping it through a
> compression program. I don't think that would do it but I would like to
> know if anyone has had any experience with something similar.

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