SUMMARY: How to write an HSFS cdrom on a NT system

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Date: Mon Aug 10 1998 - 09:14:33 CDT

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I received 8 answers :
One for telling me that this list is realy NOT :=) the apropriate list
fot this question.
One was a "me too" answer.
The 6 others helped me to find a solution.

It appears that :
"ISO9660 only allows UPPER case characters and 8.3 names. To get around
a standard called "rock ridge" extensions was made. It seems that the
for the Windows world use a variation of this combination called Joliet.
making CD's from UNIX filesystems where just about anything goes, they
seem to translate completely. It may be more due to the fact that
Windows 95
and NT treat all files on disks regardless of case, so there is no way
it to distinguish UPPER from lower case when making the image.

To get accurate representation, you need to master the image on the Sun.
are some PD programs available for this (mkisofs and cdrecord), and are
also popular in the Linux world. Some Windows mastering software should
to just write a CD from a pre-written ISO image that you create on the

But keep in mind that you have to expect Juliet and Friends to undergo
Changes WAY more often than HSFS (a.k.a. Rock Ridge a.k.a. ISO),
making it rather unsuitable for long-Term Archiving. That's the
Way of Microsoft, I suppose"

So I've downladed mkisofs, compiled and installed it. I am now able to
create an image cd on the Sun to transfer it on the NT workstation and
record it from the image on the NT workstation.
If I wanted to I could also record the CD on the Sun with cdrecord. I
haven't tried it.

mkisofs-1.11.3 : <>
cdrecord : <>

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First of all, I apologize for this NT related question, but it does
concern the Sun world too and maybe one
of you have already solved this problem ...

We have a NT computer with a CDR writer.
We are able to write CD for the NT world, and for the Unix world too.

But the software used to write the CD on the NT side (it's Easy CD Pro)
does not permits the HSFS format.
It use some other called Joliet, Romeo and so on.
This is not the HSFS standard and the result is that there is no
difference between upper and lower case in the files and folders names.

So is there a NT software who can write a CD in the HSFS format ?

I apologize again for this question full of NT ...

 -Frédéric Piard

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