SUMMARY:Changing MAC address

From: Sean Carnes (
Date: Sun Aug 09 1998 - 19:03:04 CDT

ifconfig <device> ether <MAC address>

is the proper way to change the MAC address of an interface. 
I added this line to the /etc/init.d/inetsvc file so that it would change on

I found out that the only SUN cards that have MAC addresses on them are the
quad fast ethernet cards.  The Sun swift etc cards do not have Mac addresses
burned in the board they get them from the motherboard.  While I was at
changing the interfaces I remembered about inteface groups in 2.6  I enabled
this with ndd and I saw a pretty good performance gain with using this load

A big FU to the following jerk:

Arthur Darren Dunham
who gave me the idiot answer to the question. 

Thanks to the following people who told me the right command:
Scott Howard
Michael Shao
Sydney Weinstein
Steve Franks
Auteria Wally Winzer Jr.
Sean Carnes
Systems Administrator
Network Operations Center
Icon CMT Corporation
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