SUMMARY: problems with solaris 2.6 and volume manager

Date: Wed Aug 12 1998 - 17:51:22 CDT

while i was on the phone with sun support, i received an email from a support
person at his message:

>Have him check if vxconfigd is really starting when he boots.
>Does he get the "starting VxVM in boot mode" message?
>maybe /etc/vx/reconfig.d/state.d/install-db is still there. This
>is what happened to a cust the other day. He got the same message
>as this dude. fsck failed as well. once we removed this file all was
>**** and ****
>- Is his /etc/vx/volboot file properly formed with the entry for
> that disk?
>- Does he have the forceloads for all of the drivers for that device
> listed in his /etc/system file?

for some reason, /etc/vx/reconfig.d/state.d/install-db was still there.
removing this file fixed the problem.


my original message:

> hi,
> i'm having a problem with volume manager 2.5 on my e3500 hooked up
> to an a5000; i'm running solaris 2.6.
> i set up a raid-5 logical disk, and everything looks fine. however,
> after a reboot, i get the following messages:
> (during fsck)
> WARNING: vxvm:vxio: Illegal vminor encountered
> /dev/vx/rdsk/ds/vol01: No such device or address
> Can't open /dev/vx/rdsk/ds/vol01
> vxconfigd is very unhappy; i can start the volume manager via
> vxconfigd -m disable
> vxdctl init
> vxdg init rootdg (a place-holder, it's unused)
> vxdctl add disk c0t0d0s5
> vxdisk -f init c0t0d0s5
> vxdg adddisk c0t0d0s5
> vxdctl enable
> and i can then access the volumes. but, after another boot, the same problem
> occurs.
> i've installed the patches according to sun's "official ssa & a5000
> software/firmware configuration matrix". btw, this does not occur with
> the other a5000 i have that's connected to an ultra2 running solaris 2.6.
> anyone seen this?

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