SUMMARY: IP Connection Between Sun and Cisco 2511

From: Roy S. Rapoport (
Date: Thu Aug 06 1998 - 15:45:34 CDT

I originally wrote:
> I've got to make an IP connection between a Sun's serial port and a
> Cisco 2511 access router's serial port.
> The physical connection is going to be easy. Fabricating cables is
> fun. But the software side of this is giving me a headache. I've
> never done IP over serial where there was no modem involved ...
> How/where can I find information on how I can configure the two
> sides to this equation?

My thanks to
"Marco Greene" <>
"Rodney C. Marable" <>
Reto Lichtensteiger <>

And especially
Bob Radvanovsky <>

Many people recommended Celeste Stokely's web pages at
I always knew of her fine Solaris modem pages, but she also covers PPP to
some length. From there, I downloaded pppd 2.3.5 (which is miles better
than Sun's asppp). I configured the router as a standard dialin router
while not including any modem-specific stuff, and I can now establish PPP
sessions at 9600 baud. I'm still getting junk on the line at 38400, but
I'm working on that ...



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