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Date: Thu Aug 06 1998 - 12:11:27 CDT

        I received lots of quick response , thanks every one, but some
doubt , here it is .

answer 1: cp /dev/null /path/to/log
answer 2: rename the log file and then send SIGHUP to the
               parent server process
answer 3: run "rotate" a netscape supplied command in your
              http server root directory, along with stop,start, and
              you config dir
answer 4: DONT use their log rotation script.
             When there is a large amount of logs, it clears the logs
            then tries to restart the WEB server. Well, this hangs the
damn server.
            If you try to stop it, you cannot start it back up on port
            and need to reboot the machine to release the port.
            He suggest the following.

            1) mv the log to an archive file.
            2) cat /dev/null into the log
            3) stop the web server
            4) do a wait 4
            5) start the web server.

            You will have about 4 seconds or so of downtime...but it is

Question: As we know , the log file of Netscape Enterprise server has a
               strange file head field . If we simply purge the log file
as answer
               1, while not restart www server , the server will
behavior strangely,
               and consume most of the cpu power, which is what we can't

               Answer 2 worth trying , but we are afraid the client's
access should
               be affected at the mean time.

              Answer 3 and answer 4 are conflict , which one is correct
? Answer 4
              need to stop the www services , which is what we are
trting to prevent.
              we will take a close look at Answer 3.

              Is there someone really running the Netscape Enterprise
server ? what
             are you doing with this problem ? any hints/comments/help
will be

the original question:
> hi, all
> How can I clear the logs of the netscpae Enterprise server.
> We now running netscape Enterprise www server , and the logs increased

> very quickly . to clear the logs you must stop the Server and remove
> log file , then restart the www server .
> Is there a way to purge the log without stopping the www service ?
> Thank in advices

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