SUMMARY: ufsdump reporting speeds incorrectly.

From: Matthew Atkinson (
Date: Tue Aug 04 1998 - 04:30:02 CDT

Dear All,

Thanks to all those who responded:-

Dennis Martens
Dave Mitchell
Tim Pointing
Casper Dik

Dave and Tim appear to have hit the nail on the head. If a filesystem
is larger than 4GB, the speed reported is based on the size mod 4GB,
so my 9GB and 14GB filesystems get considered as about 1GB and 2GB.
This makes the speeds about what ufsdump reports.

I have now written a few bits of script around the dump command which
report the speed correctly, so I can see if any problems atart to slow
the tape drive down.

I have reported this to Sun, and they are currently attempting to
reproduce the fault. If they come back with an answer, I will post it
to the list.


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