SUMMARY: Cannot telnet into box

From: James Ford (
Date: Tue Aug 04 1998 - 11:42:30 CDT

Original question was:

I'm having a problem telnetting into a Sun box. The box is running
Solaris v2.5 (x86) with the recommended patches. Yes, I will also be
asking the Solaris-x86 list the same question but have this address on
hand now and believe the problem is not architecture based - I hope!

The problem: When a telnet session is started, all that is seen by the
person telnetting in is:

--------------------- snip -----------------
any/$telnet ns1
Trying x.y.z.q...
Connected to ns1.domain.domain.
Escape character is '^]'.

Connection closed
--------------------- snip -----------------

I received many comments regarding what to look for, etc. Out of sheer
frustration I did the following - results included:

rlogin ns1.domain.domain
rlogin: /bin/login - exec format error

I then copied login from the CD to /bin and it telnet started working. So
my problem was that the file login was corrupt.

The system had *not* been on a UPS but rather on just a "surge protector"
plug of a UPS...thus the file could have gotten corrupted when the system
bounced. That or I've been hacked. :-) I've fixed the first and am
investigating the second.

Many thanks to those users who responded.

-- James

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