SUMMARY: Disk quota for group of users

From: Ravisankar Raja (
Date: Fri Jul 31 1998 - 11:39:57 CDT

Hi all,

I got only one response from Craig Mertens.I feel like
this issue would be common and lot of you guys out there
would have similar requirment to have quota for a group
of users in place.

Since there is no utility available, option would be to
write a script.

Thank you so much.

R.Ravi Sankar

---Craig Mertens <> wrote:
> Don't know of any tools to do so, but you could pipe a 'quot -a'
through a
> perl script that would parse out blocks and users and then figure
out total
> group usage from the usernames (either from an array or, better yet,
> /etc/passwd). You could then mail users from offending groups, or
> a point of contact for each group to gripe at.
> To be honest, I see lots of problems cropping up in the
implementation of
> any group-based disk quota policy. Unless you're dealing with very
> particular and carefully circumscribed circumstances, the
> chores will get real ugly, real fast.
> Best of luck,
> Craig Mertens
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> Original Message was
> Hi Sun Managers,
> Disk quota is implemented based on the user account.
> Is there a way to implement quota's for the group of users.
> Thanks in advance and I'll summarise.
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> R.Ravi Sankar
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