SUMMARY: Using SunOS4 as printer server for win95 machine

From: Scott Ballantyne (
Date: Tue Jul 28 1998 - 14:57:09 CDT

Thanks once again to all on the wonderful Sun Managers list. You are
the best resource on the net!

My original enquiry:

>The title says it all. I have been given the job of making a guest
>happy with using his computer with our network. I had no trouble
>getting the windows machine on our ethernet, using TCP/IP, but there
>doesn't seem to be a way to make windows understand the BSD print
>spooler on our Sparc SinOS4 box. I'm sure some other poor sucker has
>had this unfortunate experience, so if you could pass along your
>lessons, it would be appreciated.

The overwhelming favorite was Samba <>,
which is free and almost everyone suggested would work very well. They
were right, it's both free and it works great. Several people were
nice enough to send along sample configuration scripts, which were
useful and much appreciated.

Other suggestions (untried by myself) were:

>Install NIprint.
>I have this on a few 95 boxes and it talks direct to the BSD spooler
>(in my case LPRng).
>It's easy to setup, and a single user license is only USD25.
>You can get an evaluation copy from

>Just a thought ... It can be downloaded via the URL listed below.
> [Image]
> ACITS LPR Remote Printing
> for Windows 95
> Written by: Glenn K. Smith
> E-mail:
> URL:

Many thanks to:

Rick Kelly
Rachel Polanskis
Niall O Broin
Chuck Smoko - T11
Mariel Feder
Stefan Voss
Rich Pieri
Ian MacPhedran Ian_MacPhedran@engr.USask.Ca

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