SUMMARY: 2 boxes, 1 monitor

Date: Mon Jul 27 1998 - 16:16:56 CDT

Thank you to those who sent a prompt reply:
Alex Lattanzi
Mark Baldwin
Niall O Broin
Marco Greene
Jonathan Loh

Original question:

I would like to know wether it is possible to connect 2 boxes to 1
without buying a switch, in order to change automatically the display
one box to the other one.


The solution is quite simple, I was too worried about the tree and could
not see
the forest ...

Alex Lattanzi and Marco Greene helped me to find the way ...

The monitor is connected as graphical console for one of the boxes (A).
The other machine (B) can be connected to A by a serial cable using
serial port a or b. Then a console for B can be opened in A using tip

Whenever graphical applications are needed, the DISPLAY variable can be
in B in order to redirect the display to A. The xhosts command must be
run in A
in order to allow remote connections.

Mark Baldwin also wrote:
NEC makes a monitor that allows you to switch between two different
We use them here to connect to a Sparc and a PC simultaneously.

Thanks for your help !!


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