SUMMARY: Mystery VME Board....

From: Peter L. Wargo (
Date: Mon Jul 27 1998 - 15:33:14 CDT

Original Q:
Found the following board in the VME pile. It's a smaller board in a standard
VME adaptor board (SUN PN 501-1269), but the board itself does not have a sun PN
on it.

It has an Intel i860 on it, clocked at 33Mhz, and what looks like dual-ported
VRAM. (As well as the usual VME interface chips.) Across the top, it has

      CSPI USA ASSY SC1V / 8MB REV-A S/N36273 153-801


Turns out that CSPI *is* the maker, and is still in business making
high-performance vector processing boards and the like. The SuperCard 1 came
with perfomance libs for FFT and the like. Very popular for Radar, Sonar,
Medical Imaging, and the like. The company still makes similar products, like
the SuperCard 4.

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