SUMMARY: Printing to HP remote printer

From: Ted Marigomen (
Date: Mon Jul 27 1998 - 11:54:01 CDT

Hi all,

I apologize for this late summary. Here's my original problem:

I have lots of SunOS 4.1.3U1 and Solaris 5.x machines to configure to
print to an HP printer with JetDirect. I set up an HP machine as the
print server using JetAdmin. I want all these Sun machines to print via
this HP server, to avoid having to load the JetAdmin software on all
these Sun machines.

So, far in the SunOS machines, my printcap entry is:
lp3|HP LaserJet 8000 DN with DirectJet card:\

In the Solaris machines, I used admintool.

The setups work fine with the command line, lp -dlp3 <filename>, from
the Sun machines. But, if I put any options to that line, the options
don't get translated (i.e. 'lp -dlp3 -o vd' for duplex printing, long

Am I missing additional steps? Should I configure the Sun machines

Thanks for any help. Will summarize.


After so many testing, I created two print servers (with the latest
JetAdmin software), one for the SunOS/Solaris machines and one for the
HP machines. The print server for the SunOS/Solaris machines is a
Solaris, while an HP 10.20 was the print server for the HP machines.

Here are the reasons:

When I setup a solaris machine, via admintool, to print to the HP print
server, the -o options DID NOT work.

HP machines printed OK with the -o options to the HP print server.

I setup a solaris machine as the print server. Then I setup another
solaris machine to print to this solaris print server. The -o options
DID work.

I setup a SunOS machine as the print server. Printing from that machine
itself, the -o options DID NOT work! Of course, any SunOS machines
printing to that print server with -o options was futile.

So, in summary:
        HP's print fine to HP print servers.
        Solaris print fine to Solaris print server.

        Solaris DO NOT print OK to HP print servers.
        SunOS DO NOT print OK as a print server itself or as a client
                to SunOS or Solaris print servers.

        Fine, meaning that -o options get translated.

Thanks to those who responded: Tim Carlson, Danny Johnson, Michael
Connolly, and Jayant Ramakrishnan. From the respondents and lots of
research, I found that the options are translated only at the server
side. With this, suggestions were made to setup different queues for
different options.

I thought that there are too many options to make individual queues.



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