SUMMARY: migration to nis+

From: Sweth Chandramouli (
Date: Mon Aug 03 1998 - 10:22:28 CDT

        thanks to marco greene for noting that the machines in question need to
be time-sync-ed, in addition to making sure the uid/gids match up, and for
suggesting that i take those users who will be in nis+ out of the /etc/passwd
files entirely; since i'm first just sync-ing the machines without actually
implementing nis+, however, the latter wouldn't be practical just yet.
        also of mild interest is the fact that, despite a typo in the url
provided, webserver logs here show 17 non-local addresses accessing the perl
script i posted; i received no actual comments on the script, however. i've
made some more changes and actually tested the migration on my entire fs (on a
non-produciton box, of course) over the weekend, and everything went fine. i've
got some ideas for improving the script (having it automatically update
/etc/passwd and /etc/group, and better integrity checks before starting the
actual migration, to name the two big ones); since a fair number of people
showed some interest in the script itself, i'll probably keep updating that web
page (<> is the correct
url--note the single a at the beginning of astaroth), and if people want to send
me an email, i'll send one back with the final version of the script, once i
think it's ready enough for distribution to the coworkers of mine who will have
to sync up the other machines here.
        -- sweth.

> i am getting ready to implement nis+ for a small network
> of already-existing sun solaris (2.5.1 and 2.6) machines. my plan
> was to first manually get all of the machines in sync as much as
> necessary, and then one by one add them to the nis+ environment;
> my question, then, is "how in sync do they need to be"? since
> nis+ uses its own maps instead of the info in the /etc files,
> the only thing that i see that would need to be changed manually
> would be to make sure that all of the uids/gids on those machines
> match up, and that the files that belonged to old uids/gids are now
> owned by the updated uids/gids. what else am i missing?
> (also, if any perl gurus happen to be out there, the script
> that i'm planning on using to convert the ownership of all the files
> is at <>. any
> comments/suggestions on how to do it better (or obvious ways that
> it will hose my machine that i didn't notice when testing it on
> a small subsection of my filesystem) would be appreciated.)

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