SUMMARY: Slice extends beyond disk

From: Marco Greene (
Date: Thu Jul 23 1998 - 12:07:33 CDT

Thanks to Andreas Ehliar for his quick response which is right on the money:

I had this problem for quite some time ago, so I might not remember it
On the machines this error occured on, Solaris, NT and DOS was installed.
The problem was that Solaris seemed to refuse to install itself if the
partition was
beyond the 1024 cylinder boundary I believe. What I did was to install
on the first partition, and NT on the second partition instead, however,
might not be an option for you, since win95 might not wish to be on another
partition than the first one.

I was also able to find a document at SUN which also described the problem
in more detail. For those interested, it is available at
and it is document ID 1915-02.


My orinigal question:
    This is a problem that has me baffled. I have checked newsgroups and
waited for responses but to no avail. The problem is with Solaris 2.5.1 x86
on a P200 with a Quantum Fireball (3.2 GB) hard drive. I am using the
driver update 11a.

    I have Win95 running on the first partition and Solaris on the second
partition. This machine is my test bed that I use to test different
configurations so I need to re-install to bring it to a known state.

    I had installed Solaris without any difficulty on this machine with the
same configuration before. Now, when I finish the disk layout portion of
the install it gives me an error suggesting that a slice is extending beyond
the disk.

    Has anyone dealt with this problem in the past? Any help would be
greatly appreciated. Will summarize.

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