SUMMARY: SunPro compiler error

From: Richard Zinar (
Date: Tue Jul 21 1998 - 19:46:23 CDT


 I solved my own problem - should have given it some thought before
 posting, I guess. In comparing file sizes and time stamps for
 files like /usr/lib/{libelf.a,}, it's clear that these
 files differed from machines on which compiling wasn't a problem.
 I re-applied patch 103627-02, even though the patch was supposedly
 already installed (according to showrev -p), and that updated the
 files like libelf.a and which had mysteriously reverted
 to an earlier version. And compiling now works as expected ...
                                 Richard Zinar
> In trying to compile even trivial Fortran 77 or C programs
> using the SunPro compilers, I get the following message:
> ld: elf error: test1: elf_update: Request error: update() ELF_C_...
> This only happens on the machine on which the SunPro software is locally
> installed; machines which access the software via NFS have no problem.
> So the problem is evidently not with the SunPro software itself, but
> with the linker or supporting programs/libraries.

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