SUMMARY: Installing Software for a new StorEdge A5000

From: Andreas Priebe (
Date: Tue Jul 21 1998 - 13:20:55 CDT


I had two questions regarding the installation of our new
StorEdge A5000 (full text at the end).

As I found out, there is even a ssa-users mailing list available!

You will find out more about it at
where you will also get links, among them links where I found the
below mentioned SUN product configuration matrix!

And now the the summary of answers I received:

Thanks go to:

Pam Skillman <skillman@East.Sun.COM>
John Reynolds <>
Roger Klorese <>

The first question was about the Solaris Patchlevel necessary for the A5000. sent we the official SUN Configuration Matrix
for SSA, A5000, Volume Manager and Disksuite.

The most explanatory answer came from Pam Skillman, System Support
Engineer from SUN:

>The A5000 is *not* supported prior to Solaris 2.5.1 8/97 w/ MU.
>Minimum support is Solaris 2.5.1 8/97 with MU (Maintenance Update),
>Volume Manager 2.4 w/ 105208-03. You *must* have the MU installed.
>Also, their are numerous patches/firmware updates that *must* be
>installed and must be installed in a particular order as some of
>the firmware patches are dependent on the others being there prior
>to the firmware being updated. A software/firmware configuration
>matrix is available to your Sun engineer and they can make sure
>you are ready to go *after* all the patches have been installed.
>I have been to customer sites that were having problems and it
>was caused by not having the patches installed and in the right
>order. Good Luck!

Regarding the second question - our configuration with the Volume
Manager - Roger Klorese wrote:

> The only thing that's a bit strange is the answer. :)
> The reason for the 1-block subdisk is so that your I/O *does* align.
> As you probably know, the VTOC (volume table of contents, or partition
> table) for SunOS/Solaris/SPARC disks is at the very first addressible
> block. This is why you can only put file systems, not raw partition
> data, at cylinder 0 on a Sun non-VxVM disk: use of the partition will
> eat the partition table. This problem doesn't occur with file systems
> because they implicitly skip the first block.
> Volume Manager deals with this by slyly substituting a block elsewhere
> on the disk, so that your file system can physically start at the second
> block, and if you delete it, you can create a raw volume that won't
> damage the disk either.
> The cylinder-boundary thing is enforced -- in fact, protected -- by this
> arrangement.


> From: (Andreas Priebe)
> Subject: Installing Software for a new StorEdge A5000
> Date: Thu, 9 Jul 1998 15:39:48 +0200 (MET DST)
> Hi all,
> we have recently purchased a StorEdge 5000 which is connected to
> an Enterprise 4000 Server.
> The server is running 2.5.1 (almost unchanged since installation approx.
> at end of '96) with an attached SSA 112 under control of the Volume
> Manager 2.1.1
> Last Friday a service engeneer (not directly from SUN) installed the hardware
> and I cant see any difference in /var/adm/messages after a boot -r.
> Now two of our main questions:
> 1. The docs for A5000 state that Solaris HW 8/97 is necessary to operate it.
> The service engeneer said, our release is OK, everything what is needed
> comes with the array and is on the Volume Manager CD (Volume Manager 2.5).
> So he just wanted to start with an upgrade from Volume Manager 2.1.1 on the
> machine to the newly delivered 2.5.
> But we are afraid he is wrong and we need the HW 7/98 CD?!?!
> 2. He stated that our configuration is a "bit strange" and he was afraid to
> start the upgrade. Our configuration among others has a root disk group
> rootdg with a rootvol.
> The rootvol contains two subdisks rootdisk-B0 and rootdisk-02.
> rootdisk-B0. The Comment-field in the rootdisk-B0 properties says
> "Remap of block0" and rootdisk-02 has an offset of 1 sector.
> This configuration we have since an upgrade to Volume Manager 2.1.1 (which was
> done by a original SUN engeneer about 1 1/2 year ago).
> The install manual states something about starting volumes for / /usr /var &
> /opt on cylinder boundaries.
> Will this be a problem with the above configuration? (E.g. with the 1 sector
> offset)
> If needed, I can of course provide additional information and further detail.
> TIA, and greetings from rainy Germany,
> Andreas

The box said: "Requires Windows 3.1 or better," so I bought a Macintosh.
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