SUMMARY: Using a Shiva LanRover for dial out from a Sun

From: Dave (
Date: Tue Jul 21 1998 - 10:52:04 CDT

  Original question attached at end.
  Short answer: Yes you can.
  I contacted a local Shiva Field Engineer, and he got some beta code from
Shiva that allows you to set up as many Virtual Serial ports as you want.
The code was being developed on a Linux box, but the source compiled and
ran OKay on Sol 2.5.1 with the gcc-2.8 compiler.
  The program is called shivado. You run it from the command line or a
startup script. The command line options are -l IP_address_of_LanRover, -d
serial_device, -u user_name & -p passwd.
  "shivado -d /dev/ttyr0 -l -u dialout" will start a single
process that will make a connection to the LanRover at as the
user "dialout" (I have the user "dialout" set for dialout only without a
pasword). The device doesn't show up in the admintool, but any application
that can use /dev/ttyXX should work.
  I would assume that Shiva might release this someday, but in the mean
time, you have to contact them for the code.

 Is there anyone using a Shiva LanRover to dial out from a Sun workstation?
 I know I can telnet to the LanRover, and dial out that way.
 What I would like to do is setup the workstation to use /dev/???? as a tty
port that connects to any available LanRover modem. Then treats that modem
as if it were directly connected.
 Shiva offers nothing.

 I have a paging (QuickPage v3.3beta4) program that I am trying to setup,
and it requires a modem. I could directly connect a modem to this
workstation, but I already have an AccessSwitch (23 dial out modems) and 2
LanRovers (16 dial out modems). I don't really want another dial out modem.
 Any suggestions?

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