SUMMARY: ifconfig - point to point declaration

From: Graham Leggett (
Date: Tue Jul 21 1998 - 10:23:30 CDT

Hi all,

I received numerous replies to this question, too many to name here.

First, the question:

        By mistake I issued the command

        ifconfig le0:3 up

        in the hope that would set the netmask. Instead, because
        had left out the "netmask" keywork, this command set the remote address
        of a point to point link instead (according to the ifconfig manpage),
        like this:

        le0:3: flags=871<UP,POINTOPOINT,NOTRAILERS,RUNNING,MULTICAST> mtu 1500
                inet --> netmask ffffff00

        Trouble is, now I cannot seem to convince this interface that it is no
        longer point to point. Anyone know how to deselect/disable/unconfigure
        the point to point IP address and return it to standard broadcast
        ethernet status?

The two main suggestions were:

- To bring the interface down and up again using

        ifconfig le0:3 down
        ifconfig le0:3 up

This wouldn't work, as it only had the effect of marking the interface
up or down, rather than clearing it's parameters.

- To unplumb and plump the interface again, thus resetting it.

        ifconfig le0:3 unplumb
        ifconfig le0:3 plumb

This turned out to be the correct thing to do, despite being disasterous
- I was connected remotely at the time, and the effect of the unplumb
kicked me off the box at the same time, which required a reboot and a
drive to the next town!

It would seem that "le0:3 unplumb" actually means "le0 unplumb", and the
Solaris ifconfig gives you no warning that it is about to do something
you may not have intended it to do.


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