SUMMARY: Solaris 2.6 Printing

From: Michael Will (
Date: Thu Jul 16 1998 - 13:36:32 CDT

Here are my repsonses for my questions (mentioned below)

1). Use JetAdmin (HP Software for HP printers)

2). try lpadmin -p printername -TPS -IPS

3). Many printers allow the admin to configure the "Line Termination"
charcter on them. For instance QMS printers:

>From the front panel or using telnet:
admin;config;emulations;ESP Default; set to PCL 5e
admin;config;emulations;pcl5e;Line Termination; set to CR or LF = CR+LF

For now only option 1 worked since I was dealing at the time with an HP
printer and it work great. However, it did fail on Tektronix printers
which Tektronix has their own software. Haven't tried it on any Apple
printers yet.

Option 2 didn't work for me, but may for others.

Option 3 never worked due to the printer I was working with.

Option 4, if there is one, somehow modify SUN's netstandard files and
filters to include the line feeds. (mentioned by SUN tech support, but no


Original Message:

Okay, who changed Solaris....

Recently I had to setup printing capabilities on a Solaris 2.6 client.
Like usual (Solaris 2.4 and 2.5.x) I went to the admintool and add a
network printer via the "add access" option.

Everything seemed to work fine, and in Solaris 2.5.x I had to modify the
/etc/lp/printers/xxxx/configuration file with !text to force the printing
of "hard return" in text files. Solaris 2.6 doesn't use this... I know
modifies the /etc/printer.conf files, similar to the SunOS 4.1.3 printcap

My problem now is how do I modify the settings to process the "hard
returns" so that the printer doesn't stair step my print out:

This is a test
                This is a test
                                This is a test...

Solaris 2.4 had the feature builts in with more control, Solaris 2.5.x I
had to simply modify the configuration file. What about Solaris 2.6?

I called Tech support and merely got a response that I should be using
JetAdmin from HP for HP printers, however, we have other TCP/IP printers
out there as well which it woudn't work on. The tech stated that Sun is
trying to get away from being the printer server.

Supposedly I can modify the /usr/lib/lp/model/netstandard or standard file
for control, but there where no examples give from Sun.

Any clues?


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