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My Original Post

1> Does any one of you have script which checks for the mail size in the
mail storage area (typically /usr/mail) which check regularly for size
of the mail files of users and if exceeded by certain limit it sends a
message to postmaster or user for exceeding the size of mail in the mail
area ?

2> Also can i configure mail in such a way that no one is able to send
files beyond say 1MB ? (changes in ????)

3> We have a need to monitor mails going out and coming in ? has any one
written a script to keep track of mails coming in and out and send a
message to admin if message is say from certain domain ? (or email id

4> Can i collect data on as to how many MB of data has come in or gone
out say in a week or month ?

Thanks to Stefan Voss, Fredrik Rosenbecker, Gustavo Chaves,
Ackerson Greg, Darren Evans, James Ford, Matt McClung, Jim Roy,
David Schiffrin, Michael Pavlov, Chris Marble, Howard Modell,
Rachel Polanskis


1> Many people sent me scripts. I customized one of them for my purpose.
script can be sent on request if needed by anyone.

2> Yes it is possible. changes need to be made in /etc/
file if you are running ver 8.x

3> enable syslog logging or use mailstats

4> use script to parase /var/log/syslog file or use mailstats command
(only for sendmail ver. 8.x onwards)

good source of information for sendmail ""


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