SUMMARY: problem with truncated file

From: Phelan, Mike (
Date: Wed Jul 15 1998 - 11:25:19 CDT

Dear Sun Managers,

The file in question ended up being restored from backup.
As to the errors at the end of the file, the only lead I have
is that the machine had been brought down just before this problem

Thanks to the two people who responded:

original posting:

Dear Sun Managers,

A user has reported a problem "with a file which has been truncated."
According to this user, "the bit_error:label at the end is not the end
of the file." The file in question is within a ClearCase Versioned

I am not sure what to make of this. A search of the Sun-Managers
has not yielded any related information. Below I include a tail
as well as an od -c of the tail of this file.

Any help would be very much appreciated. I will summarize.


Mike Phelan
**************tail of file*****************
        bl ReadTime
        cmpl 0,0,r3,r11
        bc 4,2,.L7
        cmpl 0,0,r4,r12
        bc 12,0,.L6

                mr r0,r7
                mtspr lr,r0

**************end tail of file***************

**************od -c of file******************
0000000 b l
0000020 R e a d T i m e \n
0000040 c m p l 0 , 0 , r 3 ,
0000060 r 1 1 \n b c
0000100 4 , 2 , . L 7 \n
0000120 c m p l 0 , 0 ,
0000140 r 4 , r 1 2 \n . L 7 : \n
0000160 b c 1 2 , 0
0000200 , . L 6 \t \n
0000220 \n \t \t m r \t \t r 0 ,
0000240 r 7 \n \t \t m t s p r \t l r , r 0
0000260 \n \t \t b l r \n
****************end od -c of file******************

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