Summary: Question About Disk Quota

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Date: Wed Jul 15 1998 - 03:44:35 CDT

Hi manegers,

    My original question is:
> Could anyone tell me what's the relationship between soft quota,
>hard quota and the soft time limit?

    I got many replies and one of them is very clear:

"A disk quota is set up to control how much space a user may use. If
quotas are enabled, the operating system will maintain separate quotas for
each user's disk space and inode consumption (equivalent to the total
number of files they own) on each file system. There are two distinct
kinds of quotas: A hard limit and a soft limit. A user is never allowed
to exceed his hard limit, under any circumstances. When a user reaches
his hard limit, he'll get a message that he has exceeded his quota, and
the operating system will refuse to allocate any more storage. A user may
exceed the soft limit for a limited period of time; in such cases, he gets
a warning message, and the operating system grants the additional storage.
 If his disk usage still exceeds this soft limit at the next login, the
message will be repeated. He will continue to receive warnings at each
successive login until either:

- he reduces his disk usage to within the soft limit, or
- he's been warned a fixed number of times (or for a period of time,
depending on the implementation); at this point, the operating system will
refuse to allocate any more storage until the user deletes enough files so
that his disk usage again falls below his soft limit"

Thanks very much.

Best Regards,
Lin Tianshan

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