SUMMARY: Disk errors and /var/adm/messages

From: Ackerson, Greg (
Date: Fri Jul 10 1998 - 06:58:55 CDT

Original question: could [Volume Manager-encapsulated Informix] disk
failures not be logged to /var/adm/messages?

Answer: Yes, because when using a raw disk for Informix, normal Unix
function is circumnavigated, so unless Informix is catching the failures,
they'd go unnoticed (except by the data getting corrupted, of course).

The comment was raised that Volume Manager 2.1.2 was old. No argument there.
We should be installing 2.4 or 2.5 soon, though.

The volume does not start at cylinder 0 of the drive. We're not using the
Journaling File System.

Using Volume Manager's vxprint did not indicate the drive had "FAILED", nor
had root been emailed a Volume Manager failure message. (we've got those in
the past, but they corresponded to errors in /var/adm/messages)

Steve Kay
Joel Lee
Mike Youngberg
Brion Leary
Chad Price
Sean Ward

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