SUMMARY: Automounters (amd vs. Solaris)

From: Geoff Weller (
Date: Thu Jul 09 1998 - 16:47:19 CDT

You've all been a great help!
The answers to my questions are:
The amd automounter will work with Solaris.
The SunOs stock automounter is compatible with the solaris automounter,
but the SunOS version isn't highly regarded.
The overall opinion is that the Solaris 2.6 automounter is a superior
product, and is also easier to configure than the amd product (not to
mention no compilation needed.)
There is a new "version" of the amd automounter called am-utils
available from:

Thanks to:

Casper Dik
Vince Hickey
Joseph Kwan
Mark Belanger
Wolf Schaefer
Larry Zins
David Evans
Nick Falkner
Brett Lymn
Thomas Anders
Stefan Voss
Here's the original question:

Geoff Weller wrote:

Does anyone know if the amd automounter will work on Soalris 2.5/2.6?
Will the solaris automounter work on SunOs 4.1.4?
Which of the two is the "better" solution for a small (~20 SS10,SS20)
network with about 500 users?
AND a big thank you to Matt Glaves, who had by far the best solution:
> You see Geoff, you have asked a very complicated question. There are
> really two schools of thought on this issue.
> 1) School #1
> 2) School #2

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