SUMMARY: Replacing patch with an earlier rev

From: Richard Zinar (
Date: Thu Jul 09 1998 - 16:44:32 CDT

  The following people responded to my message:
     Robert Benites <>
     Tim Carlson <>
     Chad Price <>
     Charles Seeger <>
     Martin Huber <>
     Vince Hickey <>
     Tim Hermes <>
     Thomas Anders <>
     Candace Ordaz <>
  Tim Carlson and Thomas Anders both suggested using Casper Dik's
  fastpatch package - available from:
  This indeed did the trick. Afer installing, the sequence I used
  was as follows:
        fastpatch -obO 103627-04
        fastpatch -p /opt/patches 103627-02
  I then ran an installpatch for patch 103627-02 for good measure, though
  this probably wasn't necessary. I made a few spot checks of file sizes
  and checksums, and it appears the patch was successfully backed out.
  Tim Hermes suggested simply re-installing 103627-04, then backing it out
  and installing 103627-02 again. This sounds logical, and had I been
  able to locate the original patch directory for 103627-04, I would have
  tried it.
  Many thanks to all who responded ...
                                  Richard Zinar
                                  Network Administrator - Communication Systems
                                  Jet Propulsion Laboratory

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