SUMMARY: Solaris 2.6 printing thru NT

From: Matthew Kelly (
Date: Thu Jul 09 1998 - 15:48:59 CDT

(original question follows summary)

Received one response from the list, many thanks to
Karl Vogel <>

who had experienced similar problems in the past -- ended up moving lpr to
lpr.sun and writing an lpr which would convert a file to postscript as
necessary, then pass it along to lpr.sun. This wasn't sufficient in our
case since other systems print through the solaris2.6 machine where this
needed fixing.

Further investigations and talking to Sun revealed that no filtering is
supported in the Sunsoft Print Client package, and since the printer was
remote this was what was being used (despite the installation of the
server component packages).

I found a good reference in the archives after posting, from
Frank Pardo <>
'SUMMARY: How to spool "raw" print files from Solaris to WinNT'

here the problem is traced down to one character in the control file (cf
rfc1179) ... an example from a truss I took

3672: write(8, 0x00032D18, 92) = 92
3672: H c h u r c h\n P r o o t\n J / u / s u m 9 8 / m a t t / p s\n
3672: C c h u r c h\n L r o o t\n f d f A 2 2 8 c h u r c h\n U d f A
3672: 2 2 8 c h u r c h\n N / u / s u m 9 8 / m a t t / p s\n

evidently the problem is with "fdfA228..." .. the "f" means "formatted"
... the problem is that we need "l" (literal) or "v" (raster) here...
Speaking with Sun, there wasn't a way to configure this as a default. I
consider this a bug, the tech didn't and would not file a bug report or
otherwise consider a change.

Finally, resolution -- I obtained the LPRng package from This is a BSD derived lp system with extensions.
With some help from Patrick Powell on the lprng mailing list I was able to
get this configured. We used the CTI-ifhp-2.2.8 filters package for HP
printers (also available from the same site)

the entry needed was

        :if=/local/lib/filters/ifhp -Tstatus=off:\
        :of=/local/lib/filters/ofhp -Tstatus=off:\
        :vf=/local/lib/filters/ifhp -Tstatus=off:\

a side benefit of this is we can now configure 50+ other sparcs running
solaris2.6 to print through our system running LPRng -- no print system
change is required on each of these.

Thanks to all involved, especially Patrick Powell.


Matthew Kelly

--------------------- ORIGINAL QUESTION:

On Thu, 2 Jul 1998, Matthew Kelly wrote:

> Date: Thu, 2 Jul 1998 23:39:27 -0400 (EDT) > From: Matthew Kelly <> > To: > Subject: Solaris 2.6 printing thru NT > > I'm having troubles after upgrading a server running Solaris 2.5.1. > > We have an HP5M printer on JetDirect card. All printing to it goes > through an NT4.0 SP3 workstation running a printing accounting server > package (software metrics). When running solaris2.5.1 on the unix host we > were able to print with > lpr -Pps filename > (whether filename was text or ps) > > After the upgrade to 2.6 all the directories /etc/lp/printers/printername/ > were 'converted' to the new printer.conf format ... Only now when printing > we get the postscript code printed out when using the same lpr command > rather than the rendered version.... It works OK for printing ascii files. > I've found the workaround of using > lpr -v -Pps filename > or > lp -T raw -d ps filename > > but this isn't really practical for us. I thought about a simple alias of > lpr to lpr -v for everyone, but then we get postscript errors on the > printer when printing text files. Previously the > /etc/lp/printers/ps/configuration file contained > > Content types: raster > Printer type: unknown > Remote: ourntserver > > Finally, I've tried creating a new printer both via admintool and via > lpadmin. > (lpadmin -p pstest -s ourntserver\!ps ... and with various options) > > I've checked through the sun-managers archives, the site and > some web searches and haven't found much. I didn't find the printer.conf > manpage very helpful. I guess I'm interested if anyone else has run into > this problem and how it was tracked down and solved.. {I'm not completely > clear where I need to debug ... filters/interfaces/??? } > > Thanks -- will summarize > > -matt > ------------------------------------------------------------------------- > Matthew Kelly > >

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