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Date: Thu Jul 09 1998 - 08:57:49 CDT

Original Question:
        Year 2000 PROMS were ordered for an SC2000 running Solaris 2.6.
The PROMS were 560-1962-05. They would not work. I noitice on that 560-1962-07 is the new part number for the PROM kit.
Does this mean that Sun is changing the revisions for some reason ? I
have called Sun but do not have a response yet. Does anyone know what
is going on with the revisions 05, 06 and 07 ??
                        I called Sun Tech Support and this is what they
had to say about the Year 2000 PROMS:

> 1. You want version 2.31 of the PROM Kit for Year 2000.
> This is part # 560-1962-07.
                part number 560-1962-05 was version 2.27
                part number 560-1962-06 was version 2.3
                part number 560-1962-07 was version 2.31

                        I am assuming that the 05 and 06 versions were
no good.

> 2. CAUTION: Sun has found in some old SC2000s where
> the system board will not work with any PROMS. The bad older system
> boards have part # 501 1866. The SC2000Es should have good system
> boards since they were released at a later date. The SC1000s may have
> a problem but should be OK according to Sun. The SC1000E system
> boards should be OK.
> If the SC2000 has the older board and the PROMS do not
> work, the board that should work in a SC2000 is 501 2334. The
> customer would need to get this baord.
Note: This Summary just addresses PROMS. See for needed
patches or OS.

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