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Date: Thu Jul 09 1998 - 06:08:52 CDT


i got some of the site from those sites i am able to collect some infor
i an not installing i want some sort of idea which i got throught this

Go to and do a search on dns. You will find the
you are looking for.



Not too hard.. you should use bind 8.1.2, source available from It configures and builds easily. After you have
built and installed bind, add the line

hosts: dns files

to /etc/nsswitch.conf. That way the machine will search DNS before
anything else.. (you can set it to files dns, or files nis dns if you so
choose as well).


yuo could get information about dns installation at
then click to system administration link and search for dns

Have fun

--------------------------- then click on OS. You will then
see DNS -
click on it and look for 11975 DNS PSD/FAQ. Information on how to setup
DNS and
troubleshoot it is there.

Hope this helps,

 Get the O'Reilly book "DNS and BIND" by Albitz/Liu. It has step by
step instructions, as well as
pointers to where you can download BIND.


Hi, & . These two are realy a good


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