SUMMARY: Problems adding 1GB memory kits to an E4000

From: Sean McInerney (
Date: Thu Jul 02 1998 - 14:13:53 CDT

 Fellow Sun Manager,

        Nothing interesting to report other than the vendor
 sent me the wrong memory. The 1GB kits I was installing
 were apparently back ordered and thus not the same "type"
 of memory as the first shipment of 1GB kits that we received.
 The vendor suspects from the chip numbers that it may be
 the wrong voltage (3.3V ?).



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>From seanm Fri Jun 19 11:59 EDT 1998

 Sun Managers,

 E4000 with 12 CPU's (six boards) and 1.5GB of memory
 (256MB on each board), Solaris 2.6
 The front four slots consist of CPU boards (0,2,4,6)
 The back has an I/O board in slot 1, slot 3 is a diskbrd
 and 5 & 7 are CPU boards.

 We added a 1GB kit to board 0. That was successful.
 The machine then boots with 2.5GB (unix: avail mem = 2600722432)

 Then we added a second 1GB kit to board 2 (the next board)
 and the PROM coughs up:

  'fail- mem-bank1: ' bla bla....

 The kernel then logs these messages to the console:

unix: WARNING: status 'fail- mem-bank1: ' for '/fhc@4,f8800000/
ac@0,1000000' on board 2

 We have more kits to add, we have tried those too, so we
 don't think it is bad memory. The 4/5/6000 Ultra Systems
 manual says we are doing it right. We have done the
 same thing to an 8-CPU E4000 (added 3 1GB kits on boards 0,2,4)
 without problems.

 Will post a Summary.



Sybase Inc. Sean P. McInerney

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