SUMMARY:HSI card and its purpose

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Date: Wed Jul 01 1998 - 13:04:08 CDT

Sun Managers:

Sorry it took so long to summarize but [insert typical sysadmin excuse

My original question was "what is an HSI/S card and what is it's
I had inherited a machine with both an HSI and an ethernet going into
the same router and I wanted to reinitialize an ancient SNA connection
over the lan instead of the HSI (the HSI card had actually been moved to
another machine and I didn't want to move it back.) Thanks to :

Brian Leary
Seth Rothenberg
Chris O'Neal
Niall O Broin

for explaining that the card is a high speed serial connection
originally designed for serial connections at higher speed that the
ttya/b to connect devices that have no network connections. My problem
was that the mainframe on the other end was expecting that data in
serial format and was not connected to a network. I was forced to get
another HSI card for this machine and it took 3 days to get it to work
in a Sparc 10! To punish me further I ended up swapping the card back
and forth between the 10 and a 20 that had the original card. Both
cards worked in the 20 and neither of them worked in any slot in the 10
until I swapped it with the slot with the graphics card and reloaded all
the software. The Sun engineer claimed it was the reload of the
software that made all the difference but I had already worn out the CD
with reloading without any success. Just a big mystery all around, I
guess. Evyerbody knows any SCSI slot will work. For added fun, the
installation manual that I have (don't ask me how) was written in July
of 1991. This is probably way more than anybody wanted to know but I
find that this list is better that The Unix-Haters Handbook for proving
that we don't suffer with all of this alone.

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