Summary: Calendar Manager rpc.cmsd error for just one user

From: Thomas Wong (
Date: Tue Jun 30 1998 - 12:15:08 CDT

Thanks to the following folks for their replies:

Joel Lee <>
Sanjaya Srivastava <Sanjaya.Srivastava@Eng.Sun.COM>
Karl Vogel <> (Neal S. Pressman ex 2317)


Lots of hints especially from Joel but it took my finally breaking down and
going through the calendar file to notice that the error message as just red
herring. The problem had nothing to do with rpc.cmsd or inetd as the error
message indicated. Turns out the user had set access permissions to his
calendar file and simply mistyped the name of his machine so nobody had access
to his calendar. And of course if you ask the user, you get the standard "I
didn't change anything" response. Another one for the books...

Original Question:

> Howdy folks. I've checked SunSolve and the Sun Manager archive but couldn't
> find the answer hence this post.
> We have a server which we are using as the calendar server (running Solaris
> and our users setup their Calendar Manager to default to their calendar on
> server (e.g. user1@server). Users are using workstations running Solaris
> For whatever reason, something happened last night so that for one of our
> he is now getting an error when he starts up Calendar Manager. The dialog box
> says:
> rpc.cmsd is not responding to your user name.
> Make sure the inetd process is running and the entry
> in the inetd.conf file is correct for your host.
> User name: user1, Host: server
> I checked and the calendar is working for everyone else (e.g. user2@server,
> user3@server,...etc) It's just not working for this one user.
> I even restarted both rpc.cmsd and inetd. Same thing. Works for others but
> for this user. I checked his call* files in /usr/spool/calendar and they seem
> fine. Checked his calendar's options/config and they seem fine. Any
> sugestions? Thanks.
> Thomas.

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