From: Wuyi Liu (
Date: Mon Jun 29 1998 - 15:37:47 CDT

        Hello, thanks for all your advices! The suggestions are:
1.SCSI termination problem => check termination
2.memory problem => reseating/replacing memory
3.uncompatible disk controller
                => Try a separate controller for the BoxHill

        I have unplug/pluged and swapped scci cables and changed
terminator and it still crashed. I'll try to reseat memory when users
don't have to use the machine. (In the recent crashes it issued the
message "panic: memory error") We will keep the Box Hill disks by
themselves after a new machines comes. Hopefully I can tell you better
news next time.

        Thanks for:

Daniel Stringfield <>
"Adams, Chad M CRL" <>
Bismark Espinoza <bismark@alta.Jpl.Nasa.Gov>

        Best regards,


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