SUMMARY: Remote printing setup and jetadmin

From: Michael J. Connolly (
Date: Mon Jun 29 1998 - 14:23:32 CDT


Thanks to Leo Crombach and Sun.

The problem is that a 2.5.1 box must be initialized as a print server.
This is done in two ways: using lp print service commands OR BY ADDING
A LOCAL PRINTER VIA ADMINTOOL (the port monitor is configured and the network
listen service is registered automatically by this simple act). Up until
recently there has always been a local printer on my print server and it
was quite easy (sorry - lazy) to use the admintool (printing isn't fancy
here and I never have had any real printer problems that would cause one
to think). After that I would install jetadmin for the network printers
and the client access would work fine. Sorry for the neophyte problem but
it was late and I was tired and just didn't think. For details of this
Leo Crombach recommends page 925 in the Answerbook, Sys Admin Guide, Volume

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