SUMMARY: Install problems for 2.6 on E450

From: Guenter Millahn (gm@Informatik.TU-Cottbus.DE)
Date: Fri Jun 26 1998 - 14:44:29 CDT

Thanx Sun Admins,
to all who replied. You are better and faster than the best commercial
support. I got answers from (in sequence of receipt):

        Earl Zmijewski <>
        "ASHISH NANJIANI" <>
        bismark@alta.Jpl.Nasa.Gov (Bismark Espinoza)
        David Schiffrin <>

The "winner tip" was from David Kelly. He suggested to toggle the PROM
variable "ttya-ignore-cd" to "true".
> ya I think you've run into a Sun'ism not a 2.6 problem. you need to
> check the PROM variable "ttya-ignore-cd" (at the boot prompt type
> command printenv to display variables) If set to false well inhibit
> the problem you described. Set to true.

Most people (4) suggested to move to Solaris 2.6 (03/98) because of PCI
support. In my orig request I forgot to tell that Sun delivered the machine
with a preinstalled 2.5.1, and it worked.
But I think this advice is a good one because you don't have to install
additional patches and drivers.

One guy assumed a harddisk or SCSI fault, and suggested to replace
the disk. I was able to exclude this as reason for failure.

Thanks again to all, Guenter

--- Original question ---------------------------------------------------------
Last week I got an E450 (512MB, 1 250MHz-Proc, 2 Disks with 4.5 and 9.1 GB).
My console device is an old DEC VT220 Terminal (RS232, XON/XOFF, 9600 Baud,
8N1). NVRAM variable input-device/output-device I set to "ttya".
Now I'm trying to install Solaris 2.6. First attempt was with US version
(08/97), second with European edition (09/97) but without success. Both
editions I also tried to install via network.

After Power On I got the "ok" prompt, and typed "boot cdrom".
Console Messages:

        Sun Enterprise 450 (UltraSPARC-II, 248 MHz), No Keyboard
        OpenBoot 3.7, 512 MB memory installed, Serial #xxxxxxx.
        Ethernet address: 8:0:20:xx:xx:xx, Host ID: xxxxxxxx.

        booting with command: boot cdrom
        boot device: /pci@1f,4000/scsi@2/disk@6,0:f File and Args:
        SunOS Release 5.6 Version Generic [UNIX(R) System V Release 4.0]
        Copyright 1983-1997, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

At the point with the with the "/" I got the hangup. Synchronously, the
fan soundness rapidly reduces (I don't know whether both events have a

Has anybody an idea what's the reason of this situation and (more important)
can anybody suggest a solution for installing Sol2.6 on that machine?

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