Summary: DHCP on UNIX

From: John Berninger (
Date: Fri Jun 26 1998 - 07:20:12 CDT

Original questions (restated):
        1. How much load does DNS (as opposed to NIS or NIS+) put on a machine?
        2. Is there a working implementation of DHCP for UNIX?

        The answers I got for the first question were pretty much in complete agreement... virtually no load at all.
We could probably run the entire enterprise's DNS services on a SS5 and not have any problems until we bought First Manhattan or something...

        The answers tot he second question proved significantly more educational... there are several implementations of DHCP for UNIX platforms. The two that seemed to be most widely favored were Join's DHCP/DDNS package and the DHCP server distributed with Solaris 2.6.There was also virtual unanimity of agreement that set-up and operation requre forethought, but once everything is written out the actual procedure is trivial (or at least won't give you too many headaches...).

        Unfortunately, I think I'm going to have a lot *more* headaches due to the fact that the planning group here, and basically everyone but the UNIX operational group, have decided that having a single flat-domain DNS model is a Good Thing, and that moving to a heirarchical multi-domain model would be a Bad Thing and Too Complicated. Does anyone know of a utility or Solaris daemon that will actively seek out packets of stupidity and re-route them to /dev/null?

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