SUMMARY: 3rd party quota software

From: Jim Robertori (
Date: Wed Jun 24 1998 - 10:21:12 CDT

No one came back with any 3rd party suggestions. Everyone came back with how the UNIX
quota worked for them, and an explanation of hard and soft quotas which I already knew, or
how proc mail worked for them.

The problem we have is that we don't want hard quotas to kick in until after a user
COMPLETES a write that puts him over quota. If he starts a 100MB write below quota, by the
customer's definition, he must be able to complete it.

The other issue is that Netscape COmmunicator doesn't give an error message if a person
moves a message from /var/mail (his inbox) to /home/<user>/Mail when it truncates the
message attachments.

Thanks to the following people who responded:

Chris Marble
Aaron Lineberger
Mark Bergman
George M. Jones

Jim Robertori
Lucent Technologies
All the above are opinions
unless otherwise qualified

My original question was

> Does anyone know of 3rd party quota software? We have a project that requires
> quota software for a mail application. The existing quota component of Solaris
> 2.6 doesn't have the flexibility we need. The existing quota software allows
> Netscape to move a file into a user's home directory, and then truncates the
> attachment for the portion over quota, but it doesn't generate an error message.
> We would prefer a package that would allow someone under quota to complete an
> over quota write, and then not allow after that with a reasonable error message
> to the user.

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