SUMMARY: Fast/Wide SCSI DISK on E3000

From: Amjad Zamil (
Date: Tue Jun 16 1998 - 12:28:14 CDT

Hi Sun Managers

 My question was :
I have installed 2 Fast/Wide SCSI 4.2 G.B. H.Ds on my E3000 running Solaris
2.6 While the system is booting up and after displaying Solaris banner info it
waits for around 40 seconds and then displays a warning that it will reduce the transfer
rate of my H.D.s I know that this is due to the fact that the E3000 is using Ultra/Wide SCSI
interface and I am using Fast/Wide ones.Can I add lines inside /etc/system so that I
force my system to start probing in Fast/Wide mode rather than Ultra/Wide.

 I recieved one reply to my question from Kyle Pinkston ( :

You can create specific configuration files for the drivers. You would create a
file:/kernel/drv/xx.conf, where xx is the specific driver.

Look at isp.conf(7) and esp.conf(7) in the Answerbook, for information and
examples. You can set parameters for specific instances of a driver, without
changing them, globally.

 That was very helpful !! :
 The E3000 SCSI interface is Ultra/Wide one so the kernel driver that I should take care of is
called fas (rather than esp or isp,try man fas to read more about it ).I created a configuration
file under /kernel/drv called fas.conf and inserted this line :
and reboot with reconfiguration option.( boot -r or touch /reconfigure ).Now the system is booting
normally without waiting for 40 secs or displaying any warning messages.

Thanx again for Kyle Pinkston and thanx for such a great mailing list !!

 Amjad Zamil < >



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