SUMMARK : OK prompt commands

From: Sean Carnes (
Date: Mon Jun 22 1998 - 19:02:27 CDT

    Most people, since there were over 20 replies,  told me to look in the
answerbook.  And wouldnt you know it it was there with all of the commands
that I could possibly want in a PROM.  Also I learned that Forth was the
language that the openboot system can use.  It is pretty nice.  I have
worked with sparc boxes for a while and have always wondered where these
commands would be listed.  At my other jobs we had the CD's for the
Answerbook but we didnt have a CD player all of the time since the people
were too cheap to buy another one.  So I had to figure things out by
But now a nice engineer put all the Answerbooks up from 2.5.  My life is
much easier now.

Thanks for the replies

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