SUMMARY: Ultra 10 Ethernet problem

From: Richmond, Jeff (
Date: Mon Jun 22 1998 - 11:37:47 CDT


I meant to write this on Friday, but I ran out of time. Anyway, to
reiterate, the onboard Ethernet problem I was having on the Sun Ultra 10
is now fixed. Whoever began the install of the OS apparently told the
installer that it wasn't going to participate on a network, as the
device wasn't configured at all. Since this was the first time I've ever
manually setup an Ethernet device for a Sun box, I overlooked the
obvious (creating the hostname file). Having said that, here was the

* Booted the 2.6 OS
* Did an 'ifconfig -hme0 plumb'
* Created the /etc/hostname.hme0 file and entered in the interface
* Rebooted. All was well.

However, I think the reason I overlooked the simple solution, was that
Sun's diagnostic tools hung every time I tried to run them. Here is a
synopsis of the tools I used:

* OBDIAG/OBTEST --> Option #2 (Ethernet). This just sat there
after I pressed the '2', and required me to shut the system down by
hand; i.e. power switch.
* Watch-net-all. This began the Loopback test and hung in exactly
the same manner as the test above.

Because of these results, I seriously thought that something may have
been wrong with the hardware. In fact, the 19' Sun monitor that came
with it was bad, so I wasn't feeling all too confident about this

Anyway, thanks again to all who helped me.
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