SUMMARY: PROM variable for boot-device

From: Saurabh Jang (
Date: Thu Jun 18 1998 - 11:58:15 CDT

Thanks for all the people who asked me to look into the diag-switch?
variable setting. It was NOT set to true as most people thought. However,
thanks to the pointers
to this variable I read the OBP command reference manual and found
somethign suggesting that the same effect would be realized if a
machien ahd the "diagnostic switch" turned on.

Well guess what? The SPARCserver1000E has a key controlled 4 position
switch, and the switch happened to be in the "give diagnostics" position.
In this situation, it doesn't matter what the setting of
diag-switch? is the result is as if it were set to true anyway.

With OpenBoot 3.x there is a variable called diagnostic-mode? which
can be used in addition to determine what the "real" situation is.


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