SUMMARY: SS20/18GB Disk/Sunswift Question

From: Harvey Wamboldt (
Date: Wed Jun 17 1998 - 17:10:36 CDT

Thanks to:

  David Schiffrin <>
  Michael Kriss <>

Q1: What's the model number of the 18GB Seagate Barracuda you attach
    to a SunSwift adapter?

  No definitive reply, but according to:


  It looks as though the model I need should have a 'W' on the end,
  therefore the model number would be: ST118273W

Q2: Preferred termination?

  Forced perfect termination, and a plug for "Granite Digital" cables.
  Given the problems I've had with SCSI cables, this is one I'll
  investigate further ;-)

  [Aside and question: I've heard that you are supposed to use the
  same termination on both ends of a cable ... does that mean you
  disconnect & replace internal termination?]

Q3: What st.conf values?

  Oops, of course what I meant was what format.dat entry ;-) format(1M)
  provides these values if you query the drive.

Q4: Anecdotes, comments, patches?

  A possible recollection of a large file system bug pre 2.5.1. Lots of
  people using the 9s etc. Guess I'll wait and find out ;-)

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