SUMMARY: printer won't print

From: Irene Kam (
Date: Wed Jun 17 1998 - 08:15:01 CDT

Irene Kam wrote:
> I have a printer that's not printing. The log file
> /var/lp/logs/lpNet contains the following messages for
> each machine that attempts to print:
> 06/16 10:44:12 c 2440 <machine> TLIWrite(connection) : disconnect
> received
> 06/16 10:57:11 c 2442 <machine> TLIWrite(connection) : orderly release
> indication

        Turns out that somehow the printer was modified to have
        bootp on, when bootp is supposed to be off because it
        does have a static IP address assigned. It was looking for
        a bootp server, couldn't find one, and therefore its IP
        address was incorrect ( Once bootp was turn off
        (using the printer's menu buttons), everything was OK

        Thanks a bunch to Todd Herr for finding and solving the

        Also thanks to Kevin Van Der Hart for making the following


        To clear the errors you need to do an lpshut and then restart lpsched
        by typing in /usr/lib/lpsched . This is the only way to stop these
        errors. We have the same problem and it re-occurs on a very
        basis. The only other way to stop the errors for a while is to reboot
        server but that doesn't make anyone too happy.


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