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Date: Tue Jun 16 1998 - 14:18:54 CDT

orig question:

I have SunOS 4.1.4 sun4c machine (Sparc 2)
It has openwindows installed and it was running on it.
Someone made some changes and openwindows does not run now.

When i run /usr/openwin/bin/openwin I get the following error message.

"cant find fonts"

Then screeen goes blank for about a minute, then I get the following message.

"givig up"
"/usr/openwin/bin/xinit: connection refused (errno 61) unable to connect to X server"

Help needed. Will summarize

Thanks to everyone who replied.

The replies i got were

Not sure exactly but here is what I would check if the problem
occured. Please let me know if I am wrong on something,

First, check out the man on openwin, I know it sounds redundant
but I found some help on mwm in my man which saved me a headache.

Then I would check and see which files are being started when
a users initializes the openwin environment.
        It may be that the file which contains the fonts for
       openwin is just corrupt or has bad permissions or
       a different owner.

The last and probably most drastic thing would be to do a ufsrestore
of your openwin directory, this will change it all back to the
original configuration.

Let me know what the problem was.

Hope I didnt tell you anything obvious that you already knew


In the users .login file is the OPENWINHOME set correctly? Such as:
setenv OPENWINHOME /usr/openwin

Does .xnews.*:0 exist for this machine/user? Are the file perms right?

Do you know who the user was? Can they work with you in re-inacting the
changes they made?

The following may be of help to you but use it with caution:

ERROR MESSAGE: openwin fails: "xinit: Connection refused (errno 61)"
This error messages has at least 3 sources that I know of:
A) This problem occurs when the $HOME/NeWS symbolic link points to the
NeWS Toolkit (TNT) 2.0 directory tree:
1. Remove the $HOME/NeWS symbolic link to the TNT 2.0 directory:
     % ls -asl $HOME/NeWS
     1 lrwxrwxrwx 1 rays 32 May 9 08:19
     /home/rays/NeWS.2.0 -> /opt/tnt/etc/NeWS
     % rm $HOME/NeWS
2. Restart openwin
     % openwin
3. Alternatively (to steps 1 and 2), install and
     run TNT 3.0.
B) If /usr/lib/ (or other rev) exists, then probably does not include libsunwindow. If this is true,
running ldconfig on a correctly cfg OS may solve this problem:
1. % strings | more
2. su root
3. ldconfig
If /usr/lib/ does not exist, then the sunview_users
module needs to be loaded. If the user does not want to use Sunview,
they can start up Openwindows with the -nosunview option:
$OPENWINHOME/bin/openwin -nosunview
C) This problem occurs when $OPENWINHOME/lib/fonts/Families.list is
If your OS is setup correctly you can try to run "bldfamily". Refer to
"man bldfamily" for more details:
1. su root
2. cd $OPENWINHOME/lib/fonts
3. $OPENWINHOME/bin/bldfamily
4. Verify that "Families.list" is present and restart OpenWindows.

Corrupted /dev. Remaking the standard, pty, and win devices can take
care of this if you have a full OS install and have fixed the problem
which caused /dev to be corrupted in the first place.
# cd /dev
# MAKEDEV pty0
# MAKEDEV win0

Hope this helps.
Chris O'Neal <>

You need to re-install the Openwindows fonts package. I don't know what the
name of the package is but if you go to the Solaris distribution CD and do a
pkginfo in the directory where all of the packages are located, you might
get it. Otherwise the brute solution is to take the CD and do a boot
CD-ROM....just as if you we reinstalling the machine. Then when you get the
the install package part...just customize it go in and find the name of the
package you need. Solaris will not start to install until the very last
step has been when you find the package name just do a stop-A and
reboot your system normally.

Hope this helps.
Marco Greene

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