SUMMARY: Only root can get an xterm.

From: Sean Holden (
Date: Tue Jun 16 1998 - 14:18:00 CDT

As it turns out /dev/pts had permissions of rwx------. Noone was able to
get an xterm at the console or remotely. Any attempt by a user other than
root to open and xterm would give the error: "cant get pty!". Im not sure
how the permissions were changed, but after I changed them back to
rwxrwxrwx, users were able to once again open a terminal window.

Many thanks to everyone that replied, this list is great!
Fred Vegliante
Dieter Gobbers
John Bradley
Jim Harmon
Amol Karnik
Erwin Fritz
Amjad Zamil
Gary Merinstein

Sean Holden

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