SUMMARY: Max SCSI targets on SPARCstation 20?

From: Saurabh Jang (
Date: Mon Jun 15 1998 - 19:37:07 CDT

I received many replies to my question as to my question on how many
SCSI devices could be supported on the SPARCstation 20's SCSI bus, and
why the disk I was inserting in target ID #7 of the Sun MultiPack enclosure
was not being recognized.

First of all let me apologize for a mistake. The disk that was not being
recognized was at target ID #8 in the enclosure, not target ID#7. In
fact, the enclosure does not have any slots for target IDs 6 and 7.

The answer to my problem as everyone pointed out was that SPARCstation 20
only supports narrow SCSI with a 50 pin external SCSI connector. While
the Sun MultiPAck enclosure does support wide SCSI (68-pin connector) it will
be constrained by the SPARC 20's in-built SCSI host adapter.
Narrow SCSI only supports 8 devices, from target IDs 0 to 7 and
Wide SCSI allows one to go up to target ID 15. In my case the SCSI host
adapter had target ID #7.

One possible solution would be to buy annother SCSI card that supports
wide SCSI. The use of RAID enclosures in which the controller is a single
device and the disks inside of it are different LUNs was also suggested.
It was also suggested that I use target ID #0 since that is not currently used.

Thanks a lot to all those who responded!


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